Here is a list of the various products we manufacture. Have a look and choose from the various products we have offered to meet all your required needs.

DIAMOND series is a C20 rated battery with 36+12M* Warranty(*12M prorata warranty)
Variants: 100Ah, 120Ah, 150Ah, 165Ah, 180Ah, 200Ah, 225Ah, 240Ah

IGNIS is a C20 rated battery with extended warranty life i.e, 48+12M* (*12M is a prorata warranty)
Variants: 150Ah

VOLCANO series is a C10 rated battery with 36M full replacement warranty.
Variants: 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah

SOLAR Series is C10 rated battery with 60M replacement warranty.
Variants: 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah

GRAPHION series is a C20 rated battery with 24+24M* warranty (*24M prorata warranty)
Variants: 100Ah, 150Ah


These are nothing but car batteries which are rechargeable, and it is a battery used to start a motor vehicle. Our products have a long life, so your car does not have to be in the service station every other day.


These are electrochemical devices that convert higher level active materials into an alternate state during discharge. These batteries basically convert chemical energy into electrical. Usually used in telecommunications and as uninterruptible power supplies.


These batteries are designed to provide small amounts of current for a long duration. Better known as power backups or UPS. We assure to provide you top quality power backups to light up your houses in times of power cuts.


We also provide solar solutions to help convert solar energy to electrical energy there by reducing your electricity consumptions.


We also manufacture lead-acid batteries for submarines which is a key component used in them for propulsion.