Social a Awareness on handling battery and notification by Government of India

  • Lead acid batteries contain Lead & Sulphuric Acid which are highly toxic and hazardous for health and environment.
  • Lead poisoning affects the central nervous system causing irreversible retardation and subsequent death.
  • Unauthorized smelters tend to pollute the air and ground water with these toxic substances during smelting.

To safeguard society, the Government of India has notified as under: “It shall be the responsibility of the
Consumer to ensure that used batteries are not disposed- off in any manner other depositing with the dealer,
manufacturer, re-conditioner or at the designated collection centers”.

  • Hence, please do not discard the battery in a trash bin or give/sell to an unauthorized person.
  • It is mandatory for our authorized dealers to accept a used battery and provide corresponding rebate on purchase of new battery.
  • Please note that violations of these guidelines may lead to legal action/prosecution by Government Authorities.

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