Only authorized and trained personnel familiar with battery installation, testing and maintenance should be
permitted to access the battery. The below mentioned instructions needs to be followed for the safety of operator and battery system.

  • Ensure to connect fully charged battery to the system.
  • Always remove transportation vent plugs and keep aside , fit aqua trap vent cum float plugs providedalong with battery on all the cells when installing the battery for service, and ensure that acid level is indicated as RED Cap of float is visible at GREEN MARK ( UPPER Side Groove) on the tube of the plug.
  • If the storage period exceeds more than a month for installation, do give enough charge to equalize allthe cells electrolyte specific gravity (this is achieved by connecting to the inverter /UPS or Solar systemwithout connecting the load for 3 days ) then get back to normal load connection.
  • Ensure for tightness of all connections to avoid sparking , apply Petroleum jelly on all connections toavoid heating up, sulphation buildup at connections.
  • Ensure battery is not discharged to below 10.5V for a 12V battery by checking for correctness ofsystem lower cutoff voltage.
  • Ensure that the UPS/INVERTER system recharge voltage setting is not more than 14.4V,for a 12V battery.
  • Install batteries on suitable corrosion resistant strong base in well ventilated covered areas free of dust.
  • Do not allow any work involving fire or spark near battery.
  • Never allow electrolyte level to go down below the specified limit of the RED Cap of float is visible at RED MARK ( lower side groove ) on the tube on the plug.
  • Never add acid to cells during service life of battery.
  • Always Keep the battery surface clean and dry to avoid any leakage currents causing battery lifereduction.
  • Use only battery grade de mineralized water as per IS specification number 1069-1964 to top up thecells up to RED Cap of float is visible at GREEN MARK on tube of aqua trap cum float plug during charging mode in the system.


  • The battery surroundings shall be protected against any kind of explosion by preventing accidental shorting of terminals and flame in the vicinity of battery.
  • Ensure to provide enough ventilation to avoid accumulation of gases in the surroundings of battery.
  • Ensure to keep all aqua trap vent plugs surface dust free by cleaning and washing with water when it is observed too much dust or otherwise replace with fresh set of vent plugs to avoid explosion .

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